Crystal meditation Mantra kit w/ book for Wiccan pagan new witches everything needed to learn a new divination and claim a higher vibration


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This kit comes with needed ritual items, full color instruction and information cards, and altar items

Kit includes:

*Little Bit of Mantra full size hard back book, new
*Singing bowl, striker, resting pillow, bag
*Handcrafted lucky talisman with Turkish glass evileye, hand of Fatima, chakra prism, and flow of life yellow tassel
*meditation oud and citrus soy wax hand poured candle, cleansing smoke and bright citrus help you focus and clear your mind
*Ritual match glass jar
*4 Intuitive picked tumbled medium .75 -1inch crystal

Thank you so much for trusting your altar with me. I will do my very best to make sure you are filled with light and love.

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