DIY Full Moon Crystal Candle for Decembers Cold Moon with quartz, tigers eye, and snowflake moonstone in soy wax YOU MAKE


Shipping to United States: $10.00

A fun DIY experience for focusing your full moon energy, allowing you to manifest your greatest dreams while adding something unique to your craft

This full moon DIY kit contains everything needed to create the most personal altar devotion glass candle possible, with all items and options for customization

Kit contains:

7oz soy wax
.48 fragrance oil in Cedar and Spruce
1 stir stick
1 heating container
1 amber glass jar with black lid - prewicked
1 metal wick holder
1 glass bottle of matches
Quarts points
Snowflake moonstone
Carved tigers eye moon
Instructions for DIY
Instructions for candle care
2 full color waterproof front of the candle stickers in full moon and cedar
2023 full moon calendar with corresponding crystals made with the help of Salt and Shadow Studios La Conner Wa

Simple assembly instructions with no extras needed except a hair dryer if needed. Candle will set up in under two hours- once wax begins to solidify the botanicals and crystals may be placed with ease - if wax sets up too fast a hair dryer on warm will remedy the issue

Create your candle before the full moon and allow to charge in the moons light over night and bless your home with the energy of Yule 2023. Make now and embrace the solstice and the promise of the sun to come.

December’s cold moon reminds us the importance and beauty of life’s cycles and the cold, dark nights will not last forever.