Adult language bird- white flag crow fuck this for times when life is just too crazy- hand made and custom design waffle weave 16x24


Shipping to United States: $7.00

Large ploy blend waffle weave kitchen towel with design by The Cusp Apothecary printed artfully on the fabric itself, sublimation printing is amazing! It allows ink to be transferred from special paper directly onto items with a particular chemical makeup

In this case, polyester blend kitchen towels with an absorbent waffle wave is used and a custom print used with a bird who is OVER it. Hims is expressing the white flag feeling of F*#k this! I feel that way often. When I do I make sure to hang my bird where my family sees it’s not the best day to test mom- she’s clearly over it

Wash with like colors on medium, dry as usual, press on low or polyester setting