Cord cutting DIY kit - witch ritual spell ceremony kit for separation, letting go, releasing and intentional personal growth


Shipping to United States: $10.00

10 pc cord cutting spell kit designed to help you release your past connections and move forward with the life you choose, free from the weight of the toxic connections

This kit comes with everything needed to complete one spell and the things to use for future spells with minimal replacement ( ie candles and cords )

10 pcs include:
2 chime candles
2 chime candle holders
Black mustard seeds
Howlite chips
Obsidian chips
Ritual dressing oil- coconut carrier/ skin safe

Full color spell included but excluded from 10pc item count; use spell as a guide to help break the bonds that tie you down

I have not used the kit itself yet, but I will say the customer service was incredible. The seller was very concerned that my order hadn’t been shipped out a few days after me placing it, and sent me a message to apologize. The extras I was sent for the “inconvenience” were lovely (even though totally unnecessary).

Great communication and the cutting kit is very professional

Love the materials included. I recommend.

Simple, cute, straight to the point