Summer solstice celebration DIY kit with 16oz bath tea salt and scoop, diy natural lotion, and diy sage bundle with cement hand holder


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Handmade by both you and me! This solstice kit contains ritual items designed to usher in the longest months of the year, to cleanse your space, to cleanse yourself, and to root yourself back into nature with purposeful creative energy.

Sit with yourself and build your perfect sage bundle with additional cleansing herbs or crystals. Use the bundle inside the provided cement hands as a holder or as a substrate to burn your sage

DIY bath tea salt blend. 12oz of unwind scented mineral and epsom salt blend, 5 4oz of individually bagged botanicals for blending - lavender, candula, rose, chamomile, corn flower and a scoop are provided

Break out your cauldron (not really) and create a natural lotion with intention. Use the lotion when you practice your magick or meditate lotion comes with unwind fragrance that has lavender and vanilla notes- you CAN sub in .50 oz of essential oil of your choosing

Provided is one handmade cement hand sculpture. Waterproof and bird feeder approved. Use this hand to hold your burning sage!

Create the perfect solstice celebration!