DIY apothecary cleanse spells sage palo santo cinnamon selenite and crystal chip do it yourself kit for witches ritual smudge


Shipping to United States: $5.00

Full DIY floral sage bundle kit with 8 unique parts to build a beautiful, custom, sage wand for ritual use.

Kit contains:
1 4inch white sage bundle ethically sourced from California

1 3-4inch palo santo wand ethically sourced from Peru

1 3-4 inch satin spar selenite wand woman owned business in Nevada supplied

1 3 inch dried flower bundle of random color chosen by us for you. If you have a color preference we will do our best to accommodate your wishes- include a color choice in check out note

1 2-4 inch cinnamon stick curl

1 length of cord

1 prehnite crystal chip jar with cork for cleansing the soul- place under mattress or bed princess and the pea style to infuse cleansing vibrations into your sleep

1 hand of the goddess, hand of Fatima, hand of of protection charm

1 tumbled crystal charm and meaning card

How to use:

Bind the sage wand with choice of one or all of the additional wands to amplify the cleansing power of sage.

Each wand holds it own power;

Satin spar removes negativity, electromagnetic waves, and clears our energy field

Palo Santo is a holy wood used to cleanse and bless spaces. Use to remove negativity or stagnant energy from your space

Cinnamon sticks are used as an Anglo-Saxon alternative to both sage and palo santo. North American and European pagans use cinnamon to banish evil, cleanse a space or object, or bring peace to an environment

The hand of the goddess is said to bring good fortune and keep evil at bay