Bond strength love cord ties spell to help you weave a tighter bond with those you love- spell kit witch kit crystal and herbs included


Shipping to United States: $10.00

Complete cord spell to allow you to strengthen the ties that bind

Great for a new marriage, relationship, parents and kids. Anywhere you have love and want to be connected with someone.

Not a malicious or a love spell. Only for established ties- you do you and work your spell work as you see fit, when formulating this kit I intended it to help reconnect myself with my estranged mom. Not for her but for me to heal a broken tie in my soul.

Kit comes with full color spell, candles, cord, matches, crystals, ritual oil, and candle holders

All items with the exception of the candles and cord are reusable for future spell work

Comes with strawberry quartz and lolite

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