Crystal affirmations 10oz soy wax candle with oud & bergamot: I am a warrior with obsidian by my side’ 4in glass jar

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Crystal affirmation candles are soy wax candles with ingredients locally sourced to Seattle, ethically sourced crystals, hand trimmed botanicals and care

10oz wax with 30+hour burn time, triple scented with a citrusy oil and a hint of smoke that elevates the mood and alleviates stress.

‘I am a warrior with obsidian by my side’ contains lily and Rose for strength and protection, quartz for amplifying the quality of the obsidian in providing protection

12oz glass highball with wide base
4 oz tin with lid

remove crystals prior to burn. Burn for 30 minutes, till wax pool establishes- extinguish and remove botanicals from cooling wax pool with utensil and relight. Soy wax will not harm the crystal and obsidian is water safe

Place the obsidian over your entry way door to ward off negativity and bad vibes

Burn for 2 hour max each remaining burn and only burn with in sight