Baby witch kit for new to divination or curious Wiccan Pagan spiritual rebirth everything needed for a full body and mind transformation


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Every new adventure begins with just a small step, if you’ve ever been curious about the spirituality felt when wandering alone in the woods or the calming force behind the breeze in the open fields, this kit will help.

Selected rituals for introduction to divination, intention focusing, and self care include full color explanation cards and ritual casting.

Kit includes:

*6inch natural pine wood coffin altar box for storage
*9 color chime candles
*2 natural wood chime candle holders
*Deluxe assortment of ritual crystals- 3 inch selenite tower, amethyst cluster, amethyst point, HUGE quarts point, and 6pc random mixed tumbled stones with metaphysical meanings
*Ritual blessing tea light with lavender and amethyst for healing
*Sage bundle with charged amethyst crystal
*Apothecary set: mortar and pestle, herbs in glass jars: sage, lavender, rose, salt
*Ritual bell for casting out negative energy
*Glass jars for your custom blended spells
*brass burn bowl and rose rope incense
*Rose Quartz amulet to charge with your intentions on silver tone snake chain
*Ritual match glass jar
*Ritual aura cleansing cinnamon sticks

***some stock changes may need to be made due to supply chain issues still impacting particular markets such as imports. Substitutions will be made as needed and will not be noted until shipment. Any subs will be of equal or greater value. All changes will be noted at time of shipping

Current rose rope incense is out of stock and replaced with archangels stick incense

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