Home Cauldron Customs Quartz charged DIY 4oz Rose Water with custom botanical blend and color instruction card, glass bottle & crystal


Shipping to United States: $10.00

Rose water used in ritual intention focusing can be utilized in a number of practical ways such as sprayed in the air, sprinkled or mixed with other ingredients, rosewater is used for cleansing and connecting with the highest energies and with the heart.

Roses have the highest vibration (electronic frequency) of all the flowers and their scent is closely associated with deities and angels

Rose water can be used to bless candles, baths, or your home. Brewed it can be used directly from the bottle or added to a sprayer or atomizer and used as room/pillow/body spray. Just keep away from your eyes.

Home Cauldron Customs allows you to brew your own small batch blends right in your own kitchen. I hand mix botanicals singing happy tunes the whole time. I’ve blessed this blend with all the light and love I have inside me, I hope you can feel it when the package arrives to your door.

Gift worthy, the packing is as close to fancy pants retail I could make, I am a single mage working from my studio with my own two hands🥰🌿 zero big business or factory floors here. Only the best for my extended coven